Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To Sow and Plough Christ in Society

Friends, let us look up, and then we will work more, we will always work better and more, pro aris et focis; for the Church and for our country.
If we have become sluggish, let us wake up, and Christ will flood us with light! Let us clothe ourselves completely with the armour of God, so that we can courageously resist evil and do good; let us fortify ourselves in the Lord and in His almighty power. Then press ahead in Holy toil! 

Thank God, we feel that we are at the feet of the Church, let us proceed on the way along the right road: work! work! 
Action, my friends, Catholic action, as the Pope and the Bishops desire: love of God, zeal for the Church, prayer, promptness in doing good, for our own Sanctification and the salvation of our brothers.
Are these new times? Away with fears, let us not hesitate: let us move to overcome them by an ardent and intense apostolic spirit of healthy, intelligent modernity. 
Let us throw ourselves into the new forms and new methods of religious and social action, under the guidance of the Bishops, with firm Faith, but with common sense and a generous spirit. 
No sad spirit, no closed mind: always with an open heart, in a spirit of humility, goodness and joy. 
Let us pray, study and move forward. Let us not become fossilised. The people are moving on: looking up to God and to the Church, let us move on too, and not be dragged along. 
All good initiatives are in modern dress, you have only to sow and be able to plough Jesus Christ into society and make it fertile in Christ.

In the hands and at the feet of the Church, we wish to be and must be a leaven, a peaceful force of Christian renewal: trusting in God, we want to restore all in Christ. Work! work! This is the teaching of history, the example of the Saints, the command of the Vicar of Christ, the law given to us by God.
Firm in Faith and one in spirit, in the uncorrupted doctrine of the Church, there will continually flower in us the truth in the sweet and most active charity!
Let us place every one of our activities at the service of Religion and of our country: let us look only and always to the honour of God, the good of the Church and to the well-being of our neighbour. In humility and fervour, let us bring to all the vivid and shining mark of our Faith and of the doctrine of Christ: let us work and work! 
Onwards with God and the Holy Virgin!  And every day like the first day: onwards, always forward with good works! 
With an ever new vigour, with an ever more lively, ardent and greater Faith, let us labour without tiring, dear brothers, to extend the kingdom and charity of Jesus Christ and to save souls, SOULS and SOULS!

From an article which appeared in "The Little Work of Divine Providence" Magazine (March 1934).

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