Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Courage, Brothers: Forward with Christ!

The day will come when the nations, gathered around Christ will feel themselves to be sisters!  From Pentecost onwards the divided nations tend towards unity, and will join one another; but in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and our God. 

FORWARD WITH CHRIST! Who is there who does not see the ground being prepared for the greatest triumph of Christ, in the spiritual unification of the whole world under the Cross?

This time could not be achieved in a day, but had to be the work of centuries, had to be the perennial way of the Church which shines and lives with the life of its Christ, until the whole universe is one single fold under the guidance of one single shepherd.

FORWARD WITH CHRIST! There will be then one word, one thought, one throb of all the centuries: Jesus Christ!

There will be one Faith, one baptism, one Shepherd: Christ in His Vicar, the Pope!

The work of Christ, the work for which He was born, lived and died: the work that He did and expressed by example, words and miracles, by the sacraments, by the Church and by the divine and everlasting sacrifice of Himself, is this: that the human race, separated from God and divided in itself, should be re-united with God and with itself, in the Holy Church of Jesus Christ and God.

FORWARD WITH CHRIST! He redeemed us in sorrow, and advances to lead back human kind in sorrow to its original unity. And the life of the Church, while ordered to a great unification, is the continuation of the life of Calvary, and reflects in its very self Jesus Crucified, His sorrow and His sacrifice.

FORWARD WITH CHRIST! Today, He Himself has taken in hand its cause and that of the people. It is He who fights for His Church, doing justice to all who grieve it; to all who today or yesterday could have, or should have come to the defense of that sweet Christ on earth, and did not do so. It is He who fights now, but, because Christ is the Lamb of God, He will conquer in mercy!

So, have courage my brothers!
Rejoice, and lift up your hearts even higher, crying: Sursum Corda!
Exult in the radiant dawn of God: Heaven is opening: Magister Adest!
Look at Him: it is He, Christ who is coming!

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