Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Divine Providence Explains Everything

Divine Providence seems hidden from man, because sees it but very often does not like it, he touches it but very often does not believe it; it clothes him better than the lilies of the field and already feeds him, yet he thinks he is naked and hungry. It governs the world with harmonious and eternal laws; it hides and is not seen by those who lack Faith, even though they may be materially rich, or have great minds and much culture. Yet, those who are powerful, rich and truly wise on earth are the ones who love God, believe in God and hope in God, and in the works of His hands they see Him, touch Him and hear Him, even in the things he says: be calm, I am with you: Nolite timere, ego sum! (Do not be afraid, It is I!)- These live in Providence, and die in Providence. They are simple people, and their lives are considered by the world to be folly, but they are the wise ones of the Lord! 

           For God’s ways it is not necessary to know a lot, but to know Jesus Christ Crucified, to love Him in souls and in His Church which at this time stands on Pius, and to serve Him with great humility and great eyes of Faith in Divine Providence. Do you want to see things that you do not see? Believe blindly in whatever our Mother the Catholic Church proposes. The more you believe her and really have Faith, the more you will rise above men and will see things differently, and feel within you the joy of the children of God, because the light of Divine Providence is truth and love and joy, and will be in you and over you.

Divine Providence explains everything; it is the finger of God in the universe and the balm of life. O Divine Providence! O Providence Divine! I love You, I adore You, and I lose myself infinitely in You!