Sunday, November 13, 2011

The First Work of Justice: to Give Christ to the People

Christ returns, and will always return as long as there are tears and slaves upon the earth; He will return to give complete freedom to His Church; He will return in triumph, taking the people by the hand, on a throne of hearts.
When the people appears to be separated from God forever, it will then awaken like a strong man and realise that only Christ is its life and happiness, and with a loud and anxious voice will call on the Lord, the God of mercy.

You will only have to raise a Crucifix, and the people will fall down at its feet, in order to rise again to a higher life; and even the altars will be overturned, and the stones of the sanctuary scattered. And worse, until on the ruins there stands a stump of the One whom we adore, or even a strip of Our Lady’s cloak will suffice, o brothers, that will be enough!  And the people will return to believing, loving, adoring and living, and the world will have a new and greater Christian and civil revival.
You cannot live with hatred, and Jesus is preparing for a great return. The time is getting near: every one says so. The last one to conquer is always God, and God will conquer as Saviour and Father, and it will be a great time of universal mercy.
We want to carry Christ to the hearts of the humble, of the little ones and of the people, and to bring the people always to have a greater love for Christ, family and homeland.
Instaurare omnia in Christo: it is necessary to Christianise man and the people; a Christian and social restoration of humanity is necessary. (...) But we must always educate youth more in God, and go to the people, live its life and suffer its sufferings.
And at this hour in the world, such a painful and sad time, let us resolve, my friends, to keep alight, burning ever more brightly, the sacred fire of love for Christ and for men. And let us carry out charity, in a special way by fraternally holding out our hands and hearts to the proletarian classes, to poor workers and to the humblest and most unfortunate ones.
Let us spread among the people, the youth and the country this life-giving, Christian love.

Without this sacred fire of love and light what would remain of humanity? The intellect would be clouded, the heart made cold, icier than the marble of a tomb; humanity would be rocked by all kinds of troubles, without any higher comfort, only abandonment to betrayals, vices and nameless evils.
What would become of man and civilisation, when, dominated by egoism, base greed, poisoned by harmful communist theories, the popular masses would break every law, every check for honest, Christian and civil life?
The world would be inflamed by it, and men would end up tearing each other to pieces in ways never previously seen, not even among wild animals.
What would humanity gain by denying the charity of Christ?
With Christ everything is raised and ennobled: family, love of country, talents, arts, sciences, industry, progress and social organisations; without Christ everything is debased, obscured and breaks down: work, civilisation, freedom, greatness, past glories are all destroyed, all die.

From Notes, In the name of Divine Providence, 101-102

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