Friday, November 16, 2012

Brother, let us forgive...

A wonderful fragment of a letter to Sir Domenico Brago of Tropea.
We can gather that he has been wronged by someone and is having difficulty in forgiving.
At the same time some serious misfortunes have occurred...  Don Orione decides to write to him, warmly inviting him to forgive and to be reconciled with God, as well as with those who have offended him.
If his friend wishes, he is ready to drop everything even to go to Tropea in order to hear his confession.  He finishes:  “Do not be offended, but rather return my affection even more, as I have written as a true friend and a Priest of Christ.”

*   *   *

...God is calling you.  He wants you to be reconciled with Him.
Perhaps God is chastising you because He loves you and wants to save you for eternity.  You know how fond I am of you.
Do you want to wait for other misfortunes to happen?  Do you want to wait until death before making your Confession?
My dear friend, I am ready to drop everything here and to come and accompany the beloved Deceased to Tropea, if I knew that you would be ready to make your Confession and receive Holy Communion for the repose of the soul of your Wife and your Cesare. I would help you so much!  You would find great consolation in your spirit.  Come on, my friend and brother in Christ, let us be reconciled with God!

 If you do not do it now, will there be time later?  I don’t know.  We should not wait for death, so act now!  Please allow me to ask you, with the humble spirit of a Priest and a sincere friend, to allow Raffaella to accompany the beloved body of her husband to Tropea. Do this for the memory of Cesare, so as not to grieve his Spirit and you will also please Don Orione greatly.  God will take note of this act of mercy of yours, one which is worthy of you.

 My brother, let us forgive!  We must forgive, if we want to be forgiven.
I expect an urgent telegram to my address here.
Do not be offended, but rather return my affection even more, as I have written as a true friend and a Priest of Christ.

I embrace you with a great and consoling love, and I bless you.
Your Don Orione.

Scr. 43. 262

“Forgive one another, as God in Christ has forgiven you.”
(Eph 4. 32)

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