Thursday, May 15, 2014

We must be Holy

Let us open a new Divine world to many people; let us humbly and with charitable gentleness understand the little ones, the poor and the humble.

We want to boil over with faith and charity.

We want to be saints, alive for others but dead to ourselves.

Every word of ours must be a breath of heaven, heaven that is wide open; our words must be such that everyone feels the flame that burns in our heart and the light of our inner tire. God and Christ must be found in them.

Our devotion must not leave people cold and wearied, as it must be truly alive and full of Christ.


To follow in the footsteps of Jesus right up to Calvary, and then to go up on to the Cross with him or die of love with him and for him at the foot of the Cross.

To thirst for martyrdom.

To serve the Son of Man in men and women.

To win others over for God and to hold on to them, we must first live an intense life of God in ourselves, and have within us an unconquerable faith and a noble ideal which must be a brightly burning flame. We must renounce ourselves for others. Our lives must be on lire with an ideal and a sacred love that is ever stronger.

No one who would obey two masters, the senses and the spirit, can ever find the secret of winning souls.

We must pronounce words and perform works that live on after us.

We must mortify ourselves in secret and in silence.

Follow your vocation and remain faithful to your vows.

Let us delight in being able to carry out the humblest of domestic tasks.

We must be holy but we must become so saintly that our holiness is not just for the veneration of the faithful', it must not remain within the confines of the Church. Instead it must go out and radiate such a splendour of light in society, such a life of love of God and of mankind, as to make us not just the saints of the Church, but the saints of the people and of the welfare of the community.

We must be such a deep vein of mystic spirituality as to penetrate all the social strata: active and contemplative spirits; ‘servants of Christ and the poor.'

Do not give yourselves up to the vanity of letters; do not become puffed up with the things of the world.

Communicate with your brothers only so as to edify them', communicate with others only to spread the goodness of the Lord:

l. to love Christ in everyone

2. to serve Christ in the poor

3. to renew Christ in ourselves and to restore everything in Christ

4. always save, save everyone, save whatever the cost, with a redeeming passion and redeeming sacrifice.

Great souls and great and generous hearts, strong and free Christian consciences that will feel their mission of truth, of faith, of noble hopes, and of holy love for God and for mankind, and who, in the light of a a singularly great faith, a faith that is truly in Divine Providence, will walk without stain and without fear, through fire and water and even through the mud of all the hypocrisy, wickedness and licentiousness.

Let us bring with us and indeed within us the Divine treasure of that Charity which is God. Although we have to go among the people, let us keep within our hearts that heavenly silence which no worldly noise can break, and the inviolate cell of the humble knowledge of ourselves, where the soul speaks with the angels and with Christ Our Lord.

Time that has gone by is no longer ours', we cannot be sure to have the time that is to come. All we have therefore is this moment of present time, nothing more.

 We will not be spared the scandals and the false morality of the scribes and the pharisees, nor the malicious insinuations, nor the calumnies and persecutions. But, my sons, we should not have the time to turn our head and look at the plough' as our mission of charity pushes us forward and presses us, since our love for our neighbour burns us, because the burning, Divine tire of Christ consumes us.

We are intoxicated with charity; we are the fools of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Above all by a life that is humble, holy and full of goodness we must teach the little ones and the poor to follow the path of God. We must live in a brilliant sphere inebriated with the light and the Divine love of Christ and of the poor and of the heavenly dew, like the lark that rises, singing, in the sun.

May our meals be like the ancient Christian meals of fellowship.

Souls! Souls!

To have a great heart and a Divine madness for souls!

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