Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new year, a new life!

To the Religious of the Little Work of Divine Providence.

Buenos Aires, Epiphany 1935

Now we have started the new year:

we thank God for the many benefits received,

and we begin today truly to love

and serve Jesus Christ

and the Holy Roman Church, our Mother,

in a great fire of charity,

with the whole of our poor lives. 

Prostrate before God

we humbly ask pardon from Him,

our heavenly Father,

for all the ingratitude of our past life,

and everyone should say from his heart:

Now I begin in the Name of Jesus

Now I begin to be of Christ and of the Church.

A new year, a new life:

a holy and sanctifying life! 

A new year, a whole life in Jesus,

of Jesus, for Jesus! 

Let us live of Jesus! 

Like children in His arms

and in His heart,

holy and faultless in His sight;

engulfed in love

for Jesus and for souls,

in faithfulness and obedience

without limit towards Him and His Church! 

Let us live for Jesus! 

All and everything for Jesus;

nothing outside of Jesus,

nothing that is not Jesus,

that does not lead to Jesus,

that does not breathe Jesus! 

In a manner worthy of the vocation

that we have received,

modelled on His Cross,

on His sacrifice,

on His obedience unto death,

as a sacrifice and total holocaust of ourselves,

giving forth a sweet odour.

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