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Visiting the Pope and Rome along with Don Orione

Although this was not sent directly to a child, we would like to quote this letter of Don Orione’s to a benefactor friend whose children he had accompanied to Rome. He introduced them to the Pope and took them to see the most important monuments. Then, in the evening while they were quietly resting, he wrote a letter by express mail to the parents in order to reassure them about the journey and about a good breakfast of milk and coffee with pastries!  The joy and insight of a father! 
(Introduction by Fr. Vicenzo Alesiani fdp)

Souls and Souls!

Rome, Saturday 12 July 1924 (8p.m.)

My dear Mr. Gambaro,

The grace, consolation and peace of Our Lord!

I am writing while your sons are resting, as they have been since 4.30 this afternoon when I telegraphed that they had been received by the Holy Father who gave them his hand to kiss. He looked in a kindly manner at them and blessed them. He also blessed a few devotional objects that Edward and Francis will bring back to their Family as a memento. They were so happy to be in the Vatican, in the Pope’s presence. They could scarcely believe it!

The journey was a very good one. There was only one gentleman in our compartment and he got out at Pisa.  This allowed them to be more comfortable and to have a good rest.

They had some fun also.

At Civitavecchia they had some milk and coffee with pastries.  Someone was already waiting for us here.

After having a wash they served my Mass and we then had some breakfast before getting ready for our audience which was arranged for 1 o’clock.

Before going to see the Pope they went to Confession and visited the Basilica of St. Peter. After the audience we met Monsignor Migone and a good friend of mine who is a member of the Noble Guard and was on duty. We were thus taken on a visit of the Raphael Galleries and some parts of the Vatican. Later we came to our central House at 126 Via Appia Nuova. By then they needed to rest. Four hours later I found them still sleeping deeply; it was good that they rested. I wonder what they were dreaming about! I noticed that they were both peaceful and had contented expressions. May God always be with them!

They have their postcards ready, but have not yet had time to write them. They will do it tomorrow.

It will certainly be a great thing to remember, something that will be a beacon for the rest of their lives.

Your most devoted servant in Jesus Christ and Mary Most Holy.

Fr. Luigi Orione of Divine Providence.

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