Friday, December 7, 2012

Love always and give your life singing of Love

 The soul, flooded with the goodness of the Lord and with His grace, red-hot with the fire of charity, hovering above, on high and overflowing with love, experiences a happiness which is spiritual joy. It becomes a hymn and a longing, yearning thirst for the infinite; it longs for all that is true, all that is good, all that is beautiful: the attraction and ever-growing ardor for God: loving everyone in the One, the rays in the Center, all light in the Sun of suns.

 And in this intoxicating light, I throw off the old man, and I love; this love makes me a new man and, loving, I sing and sing! I love ineffably and sing of the same infinite love and of Our Lady of Divine Love, and I rush to immeasurable heights, where I sing and sing with a great cry of victory and of glory to God and to the Blessed Virgin.
The divine splendor and passion do not incinerate me, but temper me, purify and sublimate me and expand my heart, so that I would like to clasp every creature in my little human arms and bring them to God.
And I would like to make myself spiritual food for my brothers who are hungry and thirsty for truth and for God; and I would like to clothe the naked with God, to give the light of God to the blind and to those avid for more light, to open hearts to the countless, human miseries; to make myself a servant of the servants, giving out my life to the poorest and most abandoned; I would like to become a fool for Christ, and to live and die in the folly of charity for my brothers!
Love always and give my life singing of Love! Get rid of everything! Sow charity along every path; sow God at all costs, in every furrow; infinitely sink, and fly ever higher, infinitely, singing of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, and never stopping.
 To make the furrows shine with God; to become a good man among my brothers; to stoop and always open my arms and my heart, to receive staggering weaknesses and miseries and bring them to the altar, because in God they become the forces of God and the greatness of God. Jesus died with His arms outstretched.
Charity! I want to sing of Charity!  To have great pity for everyone! Lord, write on my forehead and on my heart the sacred Tau of charity. Open my eyes and my heart to the miseries of my brothers: may my life blaze, as in a towering pyre, before You, O Jesus!  An ardent life!  Make me a brazier, sparkling with light. To live in light. Kneeling with all my wretchedness, I stretch out, groaning, before Your mercy, O Lord, You who died for us. Lord, I am not worthy, but I need some of Your joy, a chaste joy, a joy that ravishes, that transports us in peace, above our own selves and everything: an immense joy! The soul has decided to conquer all to rise and unite itself with God: it is the joy of humility.
Charity hungers for action: it is an activity that savors of the eternal and divine. Charity can in no way be lazy. We die in God and we live in God.
 I feel like coal burning on a great altar: to live in Him, and He in us. This is the sublimity of life, the sublimity of death, the sublimity of love, the sublimity of joy, the sublimity of eternity!
Whoever follows Mary will be victorious over his own enemies and will reach the kingdom in which she reigns with her Son, in a glory without end, in immense blessedness; even higher, in the sacred silence of the incomprehensible, where a mysterious splendor trembles, where the Most High is!
Pray to God for the one who, with the help of divine grace, is writing of this foolish love; he is praying for all of you who will read it. May God grant you His very Self: generously and for eternity. Amen. Oh, the marvels of light!

From a note of 31-8-1931.

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