Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jesus, Hear the Cry of Grief from the Crowds That Yearn for You!

            Saint Luigi Orione, a prophet of our times, proclaims that without Christ, the world is empty and vain. He encourages us, saying that “Christ is moving onwards: the future belongs to Christ!” This extract was taken from Easter greetings sent in 1935.  

… Christ is risen!
Brothers, let us rise with him!
Let us widen our horizons
and elevate our souls
to that which is the higher life,
which is light, beauty,
goodness, truth and holiness!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Christ is risen! Let us go to him:
he alone has the words of eternal life which makes us reborn;
he alone the law of love and liberty,
 from which all men and all peoples
 can hope for growth and salvation.

Brothers, the peoples are tired and disillusioned,
they feel that life is all vanity,
 all emptiness without God.
Are we at the dawn of a great Christian rebirth?
Christ has pity for the crowds of people,
Christ wants to rise again
and take up his post again:
Christ is moving onwards: the coming is that of Christ!

Christ is risen! I can see Jesus returning:
it is not a ghost, no,
it is he, the Master,
it is Jesus who walks on the muddied waters of this world,
so troubled and frightening.

The coming is that of Christ!
 Onward, onward, divine resurrected one!
The boat of this poor world
is letting in water on every side,
and will sink without you:
come, Lord, come!
Be awakened in every heart, in every family:
in all the regions of the earth,
O Christ Jesus, rise and rise again!
 Hear the cry of grief from the crowds that yearn for you:
see the peoples who come to you, oh Lord.
They belong to you, they are your conquest,
oh Jesus, my God and my love!

Stretch out, Church of the living God,
your great arms and
embrace the nations with your saving light.
Oh truly Catholic Church,
Holy Mother Church of Rome,
one, true Church of Christ,
born not to divide,
but to unite in Christ and give peace to men!
A thousand times I bless you, a thousand times I love you!
Drink of my love and my life,
oh Mother of my faith and my soul!
Oh that I could make,
from the tears of my blood and my love,
a balm to soothe your pain, 
to pour on the wounds of my brothers!

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