Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fr. Angelo Falardi: a Priest who was Renewed by the Mission

            When I arrived in the Philippines in 1994, I met Fr. Angelo Falardi, who had been there alone for 6 months, while I was preparing for the mission.
          I discovered a lot of qualities in him, such as: joy, friendship, simplicity, sincerity and availability. Our friendship grew.  Time went by and before the request of the general superior to remain in the mission, he accepted immediately. We worked together as the second batch of Orionine missionaries in the Philippines.
            He was a dreamer; he liked to look towards the future and to imagine the future of the mission. He had great dreams and worked joyfully. His words remain in me: “in the mission I became priest again”. That is why everyday he went out with his motorcycle to visit people and chapels.
He was sincere in giving his opinion and in correcting, everyday studying the Filipino culture, language and the missionary life.
We shared troubles and hard times together.

But the fortune or the will of God prepared him to receive “the desired prize” and he went to heaven while still very young. He dreamt to celebrate his 40th anniversary, but the Lord called him some months before that.
 The way he bore his disease was an example of suffering, tolerance and acceptance for me. He offered himself for the mission and for the vocations.
His smile and his fatherly opened arms to make everybody welcome, especially the youth, remain in my heart. 
Angelo, thank you for having been part of my life and of the mission!
Fr. Orlando Norniella, FDP

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  1. Padre nagsimba ako kaninang umaga sa St. Benedict Chapel kasama ko si Deinielle, nakita ko ang puntod ni Fr. Luigi Picolli. Tanong ni Dei kung kakilala ko daw si Fr. Luigi? sagot ko "OO" bigla akong nalungkot kasi wala na nakaka alala masyado sa kanya at kay Fr. Anglelo. Ang laki ng mag nagawa nila kung bakit ganito na ang parokya natin... this blog really make me sad and miss them...Salamat po sa pag share nito...Salamat sa mga pari ng FDP na nag mamahal sa PAYATAS....salamat Fr. Luigi Picolli....salamat Fr. Angelo Falardi...salamat sayo Padre Orlando at sa lahat ng pari ngayon sa parokya...