Sunday, February 5, 2012

Souls! Souls!

Souls of little ones,
Souls of the poor,
Souls of sinners,
Souls of the just,
Souls of those led astray,
Souls of penitents,
Souls of those who rebel against the will of God,
Souls of those who rebel against Christ’s Holy Church,
Souls of degenerate children,
Souls of wicked and unfaithful priests,
Souls submissive to suffering,
Souls white as doves,
Souls of virgins, simple yet angelic,
Souls who have fallen into the darkness of the senses
and base bestiality of the flesh,
Souls proud of evil,
Souls greedy for power and wealth,
Souls full of themselves, who see only themselves,
Souls who are confused and seeking a path,
Souls who are sorrowful and who are looking for refuge or a word of pity,
Souls who shriek in the despair of the condemned, or
Souls intoxicated in the elation of a living truth:
All are loved by Christ, and Christ died for all of them,
And Christ wants to save them all in His arms and in His pierced Heart.

Our life and all our Congregation must be a whole hymn and a universal  holocaust of fraternity in Christ.
To see and hear Christ in man. We must have in us the deepest music of charity. The central point of the universe for us is Christ’s Church, and the fulcrum of the Christian drama, the soul.
I hear only an infinite, divine symphony of spirits, throbbing around the Cross, and the Cross dripping for us, drop by drop, down the centuries the sacred blood, shed for each human soul.
From the Cross Christ cries out “I thirst”. A terrible cry of drought, which is not of the flesh, but is a cry of thirst for souls, and it is for this thirst for our souls that Christ died.
I see only a Heaven; a truly divine Heaven, because it is the Heaven of Salvation and true peace: I see only a kingdom of God, a kingdom of charity and of pardon, where the whole multitude of people is heir of Christ and of Christ’s kingdom.
Perfect happiness can only be found in perfect dedication of ourselves to God and to men, to all men, to the most wretched as well as to those most physically or morally deformed, to those furthest away, to those most guilty and to those most loathsome.

O Lord, place me at the mouth of Hell so that, by Your mercy, I might shut it.
May my secret martyrdom for the salvation of souls, of all souls, be my paradise and my greatest blessing.
Love for souls, souls, souls!  I will write my life with blood and tears.
May men’s injustice not weaken in us complete trust in God’s goodness!
I am fed and led by the spirit of undying and renewed hope.
Our charity is the sweetest and foolish love of God and men which is not of this earth.
The charity of Christ is so gentle and inexpressible that the heart cannot imagine it, nor tell of it, nor can the eye see it, nor the ear hear it.
Ever fervent words.
To suffer, to be silent, to pray, to love, to crucify ourselves and adore.
Light and peace of heart.
I will go up to my Calvary, as meekly as a lamb.
Apostolate and martyrdom, martyrdom and apostolate.
Our souls and our words must be white, chaste, almost childlike and must bring to all a breathe of Faith, goodness and consolation which raises them to Heaven.
Let us keep eyes and hearts firm in divine goodness.
To build up Christ!  Always build up! “indeed, the corner-stone is Christ!”

From notes of 25-2-1939

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